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D[J]-Day Has Arrived

31 Mar

It seems like yesterday that DJ supremo, Joe Lindsay challenged me to take on life as a DJ for one of my 29 Lives. A couple of months on and several lessons later, the day of my DJ debut has finally arrived. Tonight Matthew, I will be DJ NotBadForaGirlLike.

I’m a little nervy. But excited too. Under Joe’s watchful eye, I’ve already played two half hour sets in front of actual real live people. But tonight’s a different animal.

I might just be playing the first hour but having frequented Joe’s Palookaville parties at the Oh Yeah Music Centre over the last few years, I know how quickly it fills up (the last club night sold out within 35 minutes of doors opening-so get down early if you want to get in).

I’m pretty confident with my track selection [still needs a tiny bit of fine tuning but I’m getting there], so hopefully it’ll all be alright on the night. I’ll post my set list tomorrow but suffice to say it’s in line with Palookaville’s friendly-funky-c’mon down to the coolest house party ever vibe.

This particular challenge has been one of my favourite to date and there’s been a few happy offshoots to it too. I’ve discovered new music; learned to listen to music in a different way; and met new people that have resulted in a lot of seriously fun times of late. I might have fallen behind with some of my challenges recently but this one really has opened up a whole new world for me & really, that’s what this blog is all about.

I just want to publicly thank Joe and also my music benefactor (you know who you are) for all their support and faith in me. ‘You’re just playing tunes you like; no one is going to die,’ is the mantra I’m taking with me when I get on stage tonight.

Now, Let’s Face The Music and DANCE.


Spring in my Step

9 Mar

A week can change so much. While I don’t want to get ahead of myself, I’m decidedly chipper about the faint feeling of spring in the air.

Spring is without doubt my favourite season. The brighter mornings make it easier to get out of bed; you find yourself smiling for no apparent reason; and with each passing day you look a little less like the Michelin Man as another winter layer is shed. Everything’s better when the sun comes out. It’s the most dramatic transition; as if life turns from monochrome to technicolor. I’m getting a bit abstract here, but I’m coming to a point.

I’m about half way through my attempt to become ‘The Artist.’ After six weeks of drawing in grayscale, tonight I finally got the chance to experiment with colour – swapping pencil for paint. And as an apt ode to spring, our subject was the ultimate symbolic flora of the season – daffodils.

I haven’t painted in over 10 years, so my attempt is more than a little ropey but it was fun to experiment with a different medium. This was achieved with just three colours – black, white and yellow. It will be interesting to see how the results change as more colours are introduced and my technique [hopefully] improves.

I’m feeling a renewed enthusiasm for my 29 Lives challenge and this week have negotiated a number of new lives, which will keep me busy for the next month at least. More on those soon but one thing’s for sure; the winter hibernation is over.




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