DJ NotBadForaGirlLike

20 Feb

I read an excellent blog post recently about, well, blogging. It’s difficult to paraphrase the premise behind the fairly lengthy discourse on the commitment required for blogging (read it here on the Lake Superior Spirit blog) but the general sentiment is that it requires a lot of work and dedication.

This is a reality that’s beginning to hit home. With this particular blog, it’s not just the time required to actually sit and write but also to dream up the challenges to make up my 29 Lives; the time to negotiate and organise said challenges and then to report on them in a timely manner – the latter of which I’ve been particularly bad about of late. But I’m pledging to repent. Perhaps instead of giving up sweets and chocolate for Lent this year, I will aim to get better at blogging…

Anyway, I digress. You may be wondering why the lengthy prologue when the title of this post is about Djing, so I’ll get to the point.

Those of you that have been following my 29 Lives quest will know that I have accepted a challenge to become a DJ for a night (an hour actually) and perform a set at popular Belfast club night, Palookaville at the Oh Yeah Music Centre next month. DJ extraordinaire and organiser of the night, Joe Lindsay has taken me under his wing and is teaching me the tricks of the trade.

On Saturday past, I popped down to see Joe for an hour before his other monthly night, Rushmere at Love & Death kicked off. The idea was that I would get an hour’s practice in before the club opened. When I got there however, Joe informed me that after a quick refresher on how to use the kit, I would be playing the first 30 minutes of the set. Cue the panic!

His argument was that in six weeks time I’ll be playing to a crowd of 2-300 people, and playing to a tenth of that number to begin with is a good place to start. I protested but eventually conceded that his logic was sound and prescribed to the sink or swim mantra, swallowing the lump in my throat as people started to arrive.

Nervy, clunky and all fingers and thumbs, I plodded my way through the 30 minutes, which honestly felt like it lasted hours. There were a few touch & go moments, like when I actually forgot to press start on the next track I had cued up but all in all it was ok. No one demanded a refund, no one booed or laughed at me and Joe christened me DJ NotBadForaGirlLike, which I’m taking as a compliment!

I’ve a bit of tweaking to do on my choice of tracks for the big Palookaville debut yet but I feel a lot better about it now having gotten over the initial stage fright.

If you want to see me in my DJ glory, put the 31st March in your diary. My playing aside, Palookaville is a really great night and if you haven’t been, you really should come down.

Due to the shock of Saturday’s unexpected set, I didn’t manage to get any pics, but here’s a few from a previous lesson that I never did get round to posting. Note to Self: re-read that aforementioned blog post about blogging commitment.






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