A somewhat belated New Year’s Resolution

7 Jan

They say that most New Year’s resolutions are broken before the first week of January is out. I’m hoping that because my pledge has been delayed by seven days, I may stand a statistically higher chance of seeing it through.

Over the holidays my dad handed me a Christmas card, which my uncle had dug out of a draw somewhere. Dated ‘Xmas 1991’, it had a picture of my brother and I aged seven and nine respectively mounted inside and festive well wishes penned by my mum. It’s hard to believe this picture was taken 20 years ago. I often think, ‘I shouldn’t be able to remember 20 years ago.’ But alas, I can – a reminder that time passes all too quickly.

I’ve fallen behind with my 29 Lives challenges in the last few weeks, having been consumed with far too much festive merriment, entertaining, catching up with friends and family, helping out with the family business and then getting back to work. But it’s the beginning of a New Year now – time for a change of pace, to shake off the cobwebs and start afresh.

So, as people across the globe start to tackle their New Year’s resolutions, many of which will have been broken in the last week, I’m making just one pledge – to get back on track with my 29 Lives challenges and to make the most of 2012 – the last year of my twenties.

There are goals I want to achieve this year before the dreaded Three-O comes around – I’ve just over 11 months to do it in, so the clock is ticking. There are fears I’d like to overcome, challenges I’d like to task myself with and new things I’d like to experience. I have a few challenges lined up for January and February – the first of which is my previously postponed challenge to become a DJ (more on that soon) and I’ll share the others with you in the coming weeks.

As always, I would welcome any further ideas to add to the list. After my festive overindulgences, something fitness/health related might be a good starting point… But not until after this weekend. My brother is flying in this morning and we’re off to experience the best wining and dining that Belfast has to offer – one way to beat the January Blues for sure.

Here’s hoping 2012 will indeed be my Leap Year. And a very Happy New Year to you all (When exactly can you stop saying, ‘Happy New Year?’ I never know the rule on that one…)

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